New ‘Hey Mister’ Collection with Manu – up to 60% off!

Hello everyone!

Something really new in store today!
Me and Manu teamed up to create a beautiful made to match work: each of us created a collection with the same masculine theme and same palette:

Hey Mister

You can find the single pieces and the two bundle in our stores and … we created a JUMBO BUNDLE with both the collections inside at 60% off plus a minikit for free inside!

Let’s have a look at this masterpiece ..

Jumbo Bundle: both the collections inside plus a mini kit for free!

Quick look to the whole Manu collection:

Quick Look to my whole collection:

Here is what’s inside:

Here are the beautiful Manu parts!

Here are some inspirations .. from my team

and some from Manu team ..

nd now .. the freebies!!
From Manu, a nice mini kit available exclusively for her and my newsletter subscribers ..

and some quick pages by our teams!!

Enjoy the stuffs and have a nice week!




February 27, 2017
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