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Hello folks!

Yeah .. I am back to my art!!

After four months in which a lot of things happened in my life, most bad but some good, everything is now almost completely settled down and I finally can restart to play with my art stuffs, digital and real.

Few personal notes probably will help you understand why I can’t be no more happy than this to be back designing.

Dad, after the stroke in November, has almost fully recovered and at 80 is not so usual; we’ve been scared for more than 4 months since then and later we realized and accepted that our life had to change to adapt to his new condition, that is now the ‘normal’ condition of a man of his age. Yes because before the stroke he was a sort of Ninja dad (I mean till he was 79 ..) and this was an abnormal condition 🙂 – Mum, the Queen like I call her, is also 81 and she is now also a bit less Ninja than the past years and, as I live upstairs, I am glad to help them as much as I can but this, obviously, changed my life an reduced my own time.

In these months I’ve been able to avoid depression but I felt I needed some ‘renew’ time, to avoid to be overwhelmed by the negative changes and to compensate in someway the lack of moyo and my dead creativity, so I decided to renew a bit my home and overall my Art Studio .
It’s not finished yet but I have to say that it was fun and helped my creativity to come back and grow and now I have tons of new ideas and I am super enthusiast and can’t wait to show you my new creations!!

It was a big work! Piece of furniture diy, painting walls, reorganizing (zillions!) of art and craft stuffs : very fun but everything has a price .. and I got the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at both the hands 🙁
It’s a very annoying problem that I am treating with some cortisone for few weeks then we will see if surgery is needed: my Doc said that is a quick and easy surgery and in one week I’ll be back fully functional.
On the positive side of the health I have to say that my back stopped being painful like it has been in the last two years.

Before starting adding new stuffs and before cleaning up my store, I decided to make a three days 50% off sale ( I think I’ll never discounted so much my stuffs .. 🙂 ) but this is a TRUE special moment for me and I want to share it with my followers and supporters in this way.
As usual the discount won’t apply to collections and bundles BUT this time I wanted to reward also my bundles fans with a further 10% OFF that applies if your order is at least of 50$ (bundles included!) using the COUPON renew17.
On Friday the sale will be off, I will release some new stuffs (stay tuned ;-)) and I will retire for good some products, so, if you want to profit to stock some stuffs.. this is the right moment!

Thanks if you had the patience to read till here, folks: I confess that I avoided intentionally to put images in this newsletter because I wanted you to read my chit chat 😛

Enjoy your shopping!!

September 26, 2017
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