A fresh restart and something new

Hello everyone,

When I think of the impact Social Media has had on our lives and on businesses, I realize that I struggle to stay in contact with family and customers.  Social media was supposed to help me stay in touch, not keep me distracted so I have less time to visit.
As you know, in my Art business (I don’t like to call it a ‘business’ but to be honest it helps my financial freedom) the last year has been full of changes.  After SBG closed, I am now so happy to be back in some of my favorite stores.  My inspiration is flowing and I am looking forward to releasing new collections for you!  
I know it’s already February, but I’ve been thinking of a “fresh re-start” since December!  I am looking forward to spending more time doing what I love this year.  That means more designing and more connecting.  I hope you’ll join me.
I know sometimes LIFE is a 4 letter word.  Priorities change or something happens (like with me last year) where we have to set our hobbies and passions aside for a time.  This is why I want to check in with you and make sure you know where to find me.  And… I need your help in this process!
It’s nothing difficult .. I just want to confirm that you still are interested in digital scrapbooking.  It will only take you a few seconds to update your subscription preferences to my newsletter, a brand new subscription if you never did it or maybe you prefer to connect with me on Facebook.
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Now I am proud to show you my latest designs!


February is the month of Love and Passion and I thought to concentrate my attention with this collection on passion: red and black are impacting colors when you want to represent something intense like usually passion is. In this collection I used them to emphasize one the ‘mysterious’ aspect of the passion: the intrigue.

Products in this collection are available separately for your convenience or bundled with a 50% discount.

Some amazing inspirations.. and you can see more on the collection page in the stores.

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I told you that in these weeks I am styles-addicted? You can trust me .. creating layer styles can be a true artistic process: you have so many settings and so many options!
The most important thing, though, is the choice of the pattern that define the type of style and its quality, because it has to be a high quality image and completely seamless 

All my Commercial Use products are really useful and great tools for Personal Use as well.

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Enjoy the changes, thanks a lot for your support and have a great weekend.